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Malaysia Foreign Policy
Malaysia has established diplomatic relations with more than 150 countries and manages its foreign affairs through the ministry of foreign affairs (Wisma Putra). WP manages the foreign policy process and carries out foreign policy decisions. It is not by itself acted out a foreign policy. It may initiate a foreign policy decision but final say rests with the PM and his cabinet.
Foreign policy decision is made, has to pass through several levels of decision making within the government machinery. Once the report reaches the PM, and the cabinet has had a chance to work at it, only then a foreign policy decision can be made PM too does not decide on foreign policy issues alone. He also considers recommendation and opinion from others. Why does a country need a foreign policy? No one country can survive alone and in isolation nowadays. We therefore undertake foreign relations in order to get a reciprocal action from another country or groups of countries for now or sometimes in a future.
Yet statements have been made that we discriminate against certain countries and we discard old friends. In the case of the foreign policy decision, the situation is similar in the purchase of insurance policies- like insurance policies are many, the choice are great and so are the risks. The prime consideration for a successful foreign policy is the need to adopt a foreign policy that can ensure they continue prosperity and stability of our country.
The safeguarding of our national security requires a foreign policy that takes cognizance of external and domestic factors. The 2 must be mutually supportive of one another. No foreign policy decision can be taken in a vacuum. Malaysia chose to priorities the extent of its foreign relations into the following categories by geography and by the grouping of countries.

Survey objective
In this survey, we would like to find out few things listed below:
a. How far does student in UMP understand Malaysia Foreign Policy
b. How far does student in UMP updated with the change of Malaysia Foreign Policy

Survey questions
1. Did you ever heard about Malaysia Foreign Policy ?
Answer: yes or no

2. When does Malaysia Foreign Policy established ?
Answer: 1957 or 1975 or 1969 ot 1996

3. Does Malaysia having any diplomatic with South Africa ?
Answer: yes or no

4. Which options below you think the best from Malaysia Foreign Policy helps unite Malaysia citizen?
- go visit overseas together
- share the same ideology (Example boycotting Israel country)

5. Did you think this policy will affect the ethnic relation in our country ?
Answer: yes or no
Replies Analysis

Notice that, in the end for the survey, we are only manage to get 23 volunteer students to answer our questionnaire.

Data Analysis
From question 1, it was very obvious showing that most of the students do knows the exist of Malaysia Foreign Policy. However, question 2 indicates that all students knows the answer the correct answer. Guess most of them do go and notice about Malaysia Foreign Policy, maybe some of them already know or google it at the same time. This same goes to question 3, where more than 75% students answer it correctly! However for critical thinking question 4, indicates that 30/700 percent of student thinks that visit each other country helps unite our country as they learn from other country and bring back to Malaysia.

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